Climate Science Olympiad 2021 winners

CSO21 winners receiving their prize money at the award ceremony conducted at the UN Climate Summit.

Win $15,000Ages: 12 to 25免費

ClimateScience Olympiad 2022

The global student competition to find solutions to climate change.

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United Nations Climate Change
NBSI | University of Oxford
Grantham Institute
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1. 符合資格的人員


在家/在學校25 MINS

The qualifier round is a 25-minute online quiz. You can do this online right now, later, or as a student at your school. It works on your computer or smartphone.

From February, schools can register their qualifier events to allow all students to participate in sync. Upon verification, schools can also get printable versions of the sheets and conduct exams in paper form.

Each person can participate up to 3 times plus 1 per person they refer.

All participants will receive a certificate, and top participants a special honour.

Prepare with our quiz app available for Android and iPhone.


2. 四分之一決賽

Jan-Aug 2022.

線上25 MINS

The best 10% of all qualifier attempts advance to the Quarter Finals. Quarter Finals follow the same quick-question format as Qualifiers.


3. 半決賽



恭喜你!你展示了在氣候解決方案方面的先進知識。 現在是時候好好利用它並開始解決一些實際問題了。

在半決賽中,你從三個問題中選擇一個來回答。 爲了幫助你做好準備,你會在活動前10天被告知主題,但確切的問題陳述只有在實際的限定詞活動開始時才被揭示。

然後,你有3個小時的時間來研究和寫關於問題陳述的文章回答。 ClimateScience將爲每個團隊的解決方案打分。



4. 決賽


TOP 100線上

Every finalist will be awarded a Bronze Medal, the top 20 and top 10 will be awarded a Silver and Gold Medal, respectively. The top teams split the prize pool of $15,000 (USD).

In the finals, you'll write a proposal about a major climate-related issue and be interviewed by our judges. As in 2021, we hope to conduct the winners ceremony at the United Nations' Climate Summit (COP) and give the top teams the opportunity to present their solutions on a world stage.

Register now!

Participate on your own or in a team of two, and compete against youths from around the world to find solutions to climate change. The top 10 teams will win a share of the $15,000 prize pool.

Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE, speaks at the ClimateScience Olympiad 2021 Awards Ceremony at UN Climate Summit, Glasgow.

Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE, speaks at the ClimateScience Olympiad 2021 Awards Ceremony at UN Climate Summit, Glasgow.

Host a private event for your students

Educators can organise a private event exclusively for their students. You get a report of their scores after the competition. Create a private event online!

Host a private event for your students



CSO22有3個年齡段:16歲以下、17-19歲、20-25歲。 無論年齡大小,參與者都要參加相同的資格賽,回答相同類型的問題。 然而,我們只比較了年齡範圍內的參與者。 這意味着我們分別對三個括號進行評分,並將每個括號中的分數標準化。 半決賽、決賽和優勝者是那些正常得分最高的人。 這保證了不論年齡大小,都能進行公平的比較。
You can participate up to 3 times plus once for every referral you make.
Only 10% of participants will advance to the quarter finals and 10% of those to the semi finals, so preparation makes a major difference. You can take our courses or complete our quizzes in the app. Beyond that, read about whatever you are interested in and describe your solutions during the event!
Prize Money: - First place wins $5,000 - Second place wins $3,000 - Third place wins $2,000 - Participants ranked 4th through 7th win $1000 each and 8th through 10th take home $500. All figures in USD. Winners will also get a chance to speak at the Award Ceremony, hopefully to be conducted at COP27, just like in 2021.
Results for qualifiers and quarter finals are instant via our UI and via email. Semi finals results will arrive close to the finals date. Please do not send us emails asking when results will be announced.
Schools can choose to run qualifiers digitally or on paper. Paper participation will launch in late February 2022. Schools that participate digitally need one computer, laptop, or phone per student (students can use their own devices too) and one computer for the teacher leading the event. Teachers need to follow procedures for timing, ensure no cheating, and collect responses securely after the event ends.