Climate Science Olympiad 2021 winners

Solve global problems
to present in the UN

Win a trip to the UN climate summit, money and personal career support.

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UN Climate Summit

Present your ideas to governments whose problems you solved.


Mentoring Support

Personalised mentoring and a prize pool of $15,000.

Career Opportunities

Recognition and opportunities for career development.


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May 31th

Last Qualifier

June 16th, 2024

Olympiad Ceremony

November, 24th

Jane Goodall 博士,DBE,在格拉斯哥联合国气候峰会的 2021 年气候科学奥林匹克颁奖典礼上发言。

100,000 students,
190 countries

Jane Goodall 博士,DBE,在格拉斯哥联合国气候峰会的 2021 年气候科学奥林匹克颁奖典礼上发言。

Jane Goodall


格拉斯哥 COP26,气候科学奥林匹克决赛颁奖典礼,Jane Goodall 博士。


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