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Our Courses

Our courses are designed to be fun and easy-to-understand, even for those without a science background. We break down complex concepts into manageable pieces, so you can learn at your own pace and feel confident in your understanding.

Written by Scientists

Reviewed by Experts

Fully Referenced

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Explore the topics that interest you, set learning goals, and determine the level of difficulty that's right for you.

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Crash Course

Climate change is a solvable problem. Where do we start?

Not sure where to begin?

Try our 25-min Crash Course

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Understand the problem: who and what causes climate change?

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Climate Projections

Understand the future: how can we project climate change?

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Why Climate Matters

Understand the alternative: How bad is climate change?

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Clean Energy

Clean Energy (Renewables & Nuclear) is the most important part of the solution. How can we power the world sustainably?

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Food & Farming

Feed 10 billion people sustainably? What needs to change?

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Undo Climate Change?

Can we remove CO₂ from the atmosphere?

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Industrial Innovation

Can we make buildings, clothing, etc. sustainably?

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Personal Action

The small things you can do in your daily life.

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We can't avoid climate change completely. How to prepare for it?

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Climate Economics

How economics can be used to solve climate change.


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