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Participate to win a sponsored trip to Australia for COP29

ClimateScience Olympiad 2024 winners will receive a cash prize or a sponsored trip to Australia during the UN Climate Summit, COP29.



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Who can participate

Free to enter

You only compete with other students in your own age group.

Participate solo or in a team of two


Participants must be comfortable with at least one of the following 13 languages


1. Qualifiers

Early Bird: Opens - 14th July 2023 | Closes - 24th November 2023

Regular: Opens - 20th January 2024 | Closes - 20th May 2024


Format: The Qualifier round is a 25-minute online quiz. Participants are asked to answer 10 multiple choice questions. Those who get 8 or more answers correct in the Qualifiers, will move to the Quarter Finals.

Attempts: Each participant can attempt the Qualifier up to 3 times. Take part in our referral program to get 1 additional attempt per person you refer. Know more about our referral program

Certificate: All participants will be awarded a certificate for participation, a notable addition to any college application or resume.

Preparation: The best way to improve your chances is by practising on our quiz app available for free on the App Store and Google Play Store. Here, you may even find questions that appear in the CS Olympiad Qualifies

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In fact, our data shows that participants who frequently use the quiz app are 10 times more likely to move onto the Quarter Finals!


2. Quarter Finals

Early Bird: Opens - 14th July 2023 | Closes - 30th November 2023

Regular: Opens - 20th January 2024 | Closes - 31st May 2024


Format: The Quarter Finals round is a 25-minute online quiz. Quarter Finalists will be asked to answer 15 in depth multiple choice questions. Those who get 13 or more answers correct in the Quarter Finals, will move to the Semi Finals.

Attempts: Each participant will get 1 attempt for every successful Qualifier attempt. This means if you don't succeed at the Quarter finals on your first attempt, you can use any other Qualifier attempts to try again.

Preparation: For Quarter Finals, the best way to prepare is by completing our courses as well as practising on the ClimateScience Quiz App.


3. Semi-Finals

Early Bird: Opens - February 2024 - March 2024

Regular: Opens - June 2024 - July 2024


Timeline: The Semi Finals will happen every first Sunday of each month, namely June 2nd, July 7th and August 4th for 2024.

Format: The Semi Finals will focus on three key themes corresponding to 9 topics:

  • Energy - Clean Energy, Sustainable Transport, industry
  • Development - Sustainable Development, Sustainable Economics, Circular Economy
  • Natural Systems - Sustainable Agriculture, Biodiversity, Water Resources

  • Semi Finalists receive their topics 10 days before their Semi Finals so that they can research beforehand.

    Proposal: Participants receive a complex problem set based on one of the themes mentioned above, they have to write a 1000 words proposal in 3 hours that is socially equitable, realistic, economically feasible and rapidly implementable. Internet search is allowed.

    Learn more:
    Semi-Finals structure and rules Example Semi-Finals problem set Tips and scoring rubric for Semi-Finalists


    4. Finals

    September 2024 - October 2024


    Format: Finalists receive a complex global problem and they have to write a 3000 word proposal aiming to solve the problem at hand. They then present their solution in a 20 minute presentation judged by world-leading scientists, innovators and policy-makers.

    Certificate: Every Finalist is awarded a Bronze Medal certificate, the top 20 and top 10 will be awarded a Silver and Gold Medal certificate, respectively.

    Awards: The top teams will be awarded with a sponsored trip to Sydney during the UN Climate Summit, COP29.

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    The CSO24 has three age brackets: under 16s, 17-19, and 20-25 years old. Regardless of age, participants compete in the same qualifiers and answer the same type of problem statements. However, we only compare participants within their age brackets. This means we score the three brackets independently and normalise scores within each. Semi-finalists, finalists, and winners are those with the highest normalised scores. This ensures fair comparison regardless of age.
    Registration for qualifiers ends on 20th May 2024
    You can participate up to 3 times plus once for every referral you make.
    Only 10% of participants will advance to the quarter finals and 10% of those to the semi finals, so preparation makes a major difference. You can take our courses or complete our quizzes in the app. Beyond that, read about whatever you are interested in and describe your solutions during the event!
    Prize Money: - First place wins $5,000 - Second place wins $3,000 - Third place wins $2,000 - Participants ranked 4th through 7th win $1000 each and 8th through 10th take home $500. All figures in USD. Winners will also get a chance to speak at the Award Ceremony, hopefully to be conducted at COP29
    Results for qualifiers and quarter finals are instant via our UI and via email. Semi finals results will arrive close to the finals date. Please do not send us emails asking when results will be announced.
    ClimateScience Olympiad Terms & Conditions