Thanks to our partners

the CSO22 is already in over 100 countries.

Global ClimateScience partners

CambridgeZero | University of Cambridge
United Nations Climate Change
NBSI | University of Oxford
Grantham Institute
Department of Education, Philippines
Green Schools Alliance
Student Energy
Schmidt Futures
Dixon Foundation
Pro Win Nature Foundation
1% For The Planet
Earth Day Network
Earth Day Network

Governments, cities, school districts, and universities can organise events for their students. To start, contact us.

Olympiad Campaign Partners

Apply to become a campaign partner to bring the Olympiad to your community. Our campaign partners are movements and organisations working to solve climate change. They help us reach students, activists and communities all around the world to give them access to the ClimateScience Olympiad.

Host a private event for your students

Educators can organise a private event exclusively for their students. You get a report of their scores after the competition. Create a private event online!