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Guessing Earthly

Understanding climate change shouldn't be so complicated

Our story begins in 2019 with Eric and Issy, two young scientists from Cambridge University, who were concerned about climate change. They saw things were getting bad—fires were raging in the Amazon, extreme heatwaves were being felt across Europe and floods were devastating large areas of India. Concerned voices about climate change were getting louder, and people started taking it to the streets.

As natural problem solvers, Eric and Issy tried to search for solutions. They searched, “How to solve climate change” online, but it gave them nothing but climate anxiety and ads for eco-friendly products.

As it turned out, Eric and Issy weren’t alone - 95% of young people are worried about climate change and 70% question the education they receive.

Then, it hit them. They thought, “What if we create bite-sized information, following the same scientific standards of peer-reviewed journals, to empower people to solve climate change?”

Together, they started combing through climate science articles and turning them into social-media friendly content under the name ClimateScience. After two short months, ClimateScience went viral and grew to 40,000 followers on Instagram. People started sending in private messages, asking how they could help. A team of curious, kind and passionate people quickly grew, all dedicated to making climate education more understandable for everyone.

Just a few years later, ClimateScience has grown into the world’s biggest climate education platform! We create educational courses, videos, resources and tools to improve climate understanding and education. It’s all completely free and just a few clicks away on any device.

Climate education isn’t the only thing that needs to improve, but our educational systems need to be better. We need a world which rewards curiosity, critical thinking, exploration and learning. Where people can explore their passions and be supported towards their goals.

Because of surface level awareness, we have been fighting climate change using only a fraction of human problem-solving potential. What happens when we unleash the rest of it? What if we could create a world with less suffering and more opportunity?

The journey begins here. Join the movement!

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