Who are we?

We empower people to contribute to real, systemic climate solutions.

Earthly learning and teaching

We believe education is the most powerful tool in the fight against climate change.

ClimateScience is a UK-based global charity led by hundreds of driven volunteers from 30 countries and a small team of staff. We aim to make learning engaging, accessible and reliable.

A charity organized like a startup.

Eric Steinberger​ profile pic

Fmr. Researcher on AI for Sustainable Development at MIT; AI Researcher @ FB AI (FAIR), TU Vienna, TU Luxembourg; Computer Science dropout at the Cambridge University. Loves whales.

Eric Steinberger​

CEO & Co-Founder

Roc Bata profile pic

A generalist experienced in NGO operations and grant administration. Science Communication graduate from the University of the Philippines.

Roc Bata


Ghislaine Fandel profile pic

Economics, Environment, and International Development graduate at McGill University; Coordinator for climate and sustainability education initiatives

Ghislaine Fandel

Director of CS Courses & Quizzes

JP Arellano profile pic

Honors in environmental sciences and economics from McGill University. Lots of work with science education for children and research on peatlands.

JP Arellano

Director of CS Corporate, CS Schools

Michael Bäcklund profile pic

Climate activist and FridaysForFuture mobilizer. ECOPEACE youth trustee. Competitive debator.

Michael Bäcklund

Co-Director of Community

Raseel Arora profile pic

Political Science undergrad from India; Gender equality & education access advocate

Raseel Arora

Co-Director of Community

Kanika Prajapat profile pic

Social Entrepreneur from India, Ex-Founder of Kriya Labs, Communicating climate through writings and photographs.

Kanika Prajapat

Director of Olympiad & Partnerships

Iona Spooner profile pic

Medical student at the University of Edinburgh; Care assistant for dementia and climate education advocate.

Iona Spooner

Co-Director @ CS Explore

Alexandra Sfez profile pic

Student in Political Science, Environment, and Social Justice at McGill University. Promoting education and awareness in communities.

Alexandra Sfez

Co-Director @ CS Explore

Bruna Hernandes profile pic

Bachelor of Design at University of Brasilia (UnB), Freelance Designer and Illustrator, Starting some Motion Design and Animation work.

Bruna Hernandes

Director of CS TV & Video

Julia Wojtania profile pic

Undergraduate student of EcoCity at the University of Lodz

Julia Wojtania

Director of Translation

Sole Konic profile pic

Languages and Translation graduate from University of Córdoba. Translator of content related to education, the environment, and inclusive communication in Spanish.

Sole Konic

Chief People Officer

Isak Herman profile pic

Computer science PhD graduate from University of Cambridge, specializing in public engagement technology for citizen science; avid scuba diver and conservation volunteer.

Isak Herman

Head of Finance & Fundraising

Christian Zauner profile pic

From Pizza Delivery Boy to CEO at Xenis AG.; Coaching, Teambuilding, Human Development, Learning Organization. Organizer at ParentsForFuture movement.

Christian Zauner

Trustee & Strategy Advisor

Maria Eduarda profile pic

Student in Brazil and science enthusiast

Maria Eduarda

Chief Information Officer

Advised By

Profile pic of Renate Christ

Renate Christ

Former Director at IPCC Secretariat

After decades of working in the field of environment, climate change and development at the scientific and policy level I retired recently from my post as Secretary of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. I am particular interested in human rights, poverty alleviation and gender issues, as they relate to climate change and development.

Profile pic of Sophie Gallois

Sophie Gallois

Former Deputy Exec. Director at Unicef UK

Sophie was Deputy Executive Director at Unicef UK. Before that, she was MD at the Gin Hub and global marketing director at Chivas Brothers. She launched a “Business as a Force for Good” campaign around the world, reaching over 10,000 social entrepreneurs.

Profile pic of Mariana Castaño Cano

Mariana Castaño Cano

Climate Comms Expert

Mariana is an international journalist and communications expert. After 20 years of experience in the media and the United Nations she founded 10 Billion Solutions to help organizations unleash the power of communications as a force for good.

Profile pic of Mirik Gogri

Mirik Gogri

Climate-Tech Investor

Mirik is a Climate-Tech Investor focused on technology scale-up. He is also a promoter and works on corporate strategy at Aarti Industries, a leading sustainable chemicals manufacturer based in India.

Profile pic of Joanna Haigh

Joanna Haigh

Climate Scientist

Atmospheric physicist, Fellow of the Royal Society. Formerly: Co-Director Grantham Institute on Climate Change and Environment at Imperial College London, Head of Imperial College Physics Department, President of the Royal Meteorological Society, Lead Author for Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Profile pic of Emily Shuckburgh

Emily Shuckburgh

Climate Scientist, University of Cambridge

Experience: Director, Cambridge Zero; Associate Fellow, Centre for Science & Policy Cambridge; Reader at Environmental Data Science University of Cambridge; Fellow & Co-chair at Royal Meteorological Society; Advisor at UK Government.

Profile pic of Verena Winiwarter

Verena Winiwarter

Professor of Environmental History

Professor of Environmental History, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria; Full member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences; Member of Academia Europea, Chairperson of the Commission of Interdisciplinary Ecologcal Studies.

Profile pic of David Addison

David Addison

Working with others towards a safe and just Sapiezoic

Climate action, innovation, purpose and sustainability at Virgin. Co-founder: Carbon Removal Centre. Advisor & volunteer: several climate action & purpose-driven accelerators, awards, non-profits, and ventures. Passion for all the sciences - master of none.

Profile pic of Murat Aktihanoglu

Murat Aktihanoglu

Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Remarkable Ventures and ERA

Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Remarkable Ventures, an early-stage venture capital fund and ERA, a technology accelerator in New York City that invested in 260+ tech and climate startups since 2011 with multiple $1B+ exits. Murat has a Masters Degree in Computer Science and he has started multiple technology startups in NYC after having worked in Silicon Valley as a technologist.

Our Partners

CambridgeZero | University of Cambridge
United Nations Climate Change
NBSI | University of Oxford
Grantham Institute
Department of Education, Philippines
Green Schools Alliance
Student Energy
Schmidt Futures
Dixon Foundation
Pro Win Nature Foundation
1% For The Planet
Earth Day Network
Earth Day Network

Bow Seat
Building U
Climate Smart Agriculture Youth Network
Chem Engg Assoll
Chloride free fundation
Climate for India
Climate Operation
The Duke of Edinburgh's international award
The Duke of Edinburgh's international award (New Zealand)
The Duke of Edinburgh's international award (Romania)
Earth minutes
Eco saviours association
Eco network
Eco school
Fridays for future (Nigeria)
Fridays for future (Argentina)
Fridays for future (Czech Republic)
Fridays for future (Greece)
Fridays for future (Guatemala)
Fridays for future (Latvia)
Fridays for future (Pakistan)
Fridays for future (Serbia)
Fridays for future (Ukraine)
Fridays for future (Uruguay)
Fridays for future (Delhi)
Girl up (Amoyan)
Girl up (Arzoo)
Girl up (Shiv Nadar University)
Girl up (TSRS)
Girl up (Aashayein)
Girl up (Bani)
Girl up (Zariya)
Girl up (Mukti)
Green Balkan foundation
Green is cleaner
India Youth Climate Network
Game changers
Nature trust Malta
Net impact
Oxford Global
Opportunity Desk
Scottish MUN
The pearl protectors
Youth opportunities hub
Youth for climate India
Thred meadia
Youth connect
Clima LAB
Human & nature youth club
Kazakhstan waste recycling
Rotary: Club of Philanthropic Entrepreneurs
Students Organising for Sustainability United Kingdom
Youth STEM 2030
Asian environmental youth network
Asean Youth Organization
Arab Youth Sustainable Development Network
At Quest

Our Founders

Eric Steinberger

Eric Steinberger

CEO & Co-Founder

Eric has worked at MIT, Facebook AI, TU Vienna, and Luxembourg University – all before completing his first year at the University of Cambridge. This was possible because of free online education. When he was 14, he started studying Physics and Computer Science through MIT's 'Open CourseWare' program, and other online material. Consequently, Eric understands the impact online education can have and wants to use this to help the next generation of brilliant climate enthusiasts learn what they need to know in order to solve the world's biggest problems. Beyond work, Eric enjoys hiking, rock music, and animated movies.

Isabel Key

Isabel Key

Co-Founder (Former content lead)

Isabel graduated from Natural Sciences with a specialisation in Zoology at the University of Cambridge. After that, she started working as a research assistant at the Nature-based Solutions Initiative (NBSI) at the University of Oxford, where she conducts research into climate change adaptation, forests, and ecosystems. Isabel regularly supports charities and environmental initiatives with her artwork that illustrates scientific topics she discovered through her degree at Cambridge and through her volunteering with various research and conservation programs in an engaging way. Isabel was part of ClimateScience from 2019 until early 2020 and now focuses on research on nature-based solutions.