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隨著全球經濟的增長,我們購買更多東西。 更科學地講,我們在「增加\definition {消費}{consumption}」。但是,當我們這樣做的時候,我們也增加了二氧化碳的排放量

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  1. 時尚
  2. 住宅
  3. 棕櫚油
  4. 個人電器


{時裝業是第二大工業污染者,佔所有溫室氣體排放量的10% 大部分排放量來自高度複雜的全球供應鏈,用於生產和分配衣服。

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This industry is also the second-largest consumer of water  and is responsible for 20% of industrial water pollution . It also creates many other toxins that are harmful to human and environmental health and produces 92 million tonnes of waste a year .

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雖然減少購買的衣服數量是一個不錯的起點,但要想產生重大影響,就必須進行大規模的改變。 需要引入貿易政策和法規,以幫助使該行業對環境友好和可持續的發展。 例如,在法國,有一項法律禁止銷毀未售出的服裝,通過重複使用或回收來減少紡織品浪費


Housing creates an array of environmental issues, from when it is built to when it is knocked down . The main way to reduce such impacts is through government policy , such as enforcing the use of more environmentally sustainable building materials or recycling construction debris and demolition waste .

While most of us have little control over how our houses are built, we can make a difference to the emissions produced by living in them.

Ensuring our homes have double glazing and loft insulation will make them more energy efficient. By conserving energy, the average gas-heated home could save 0.6 tonnes of CO₂ and £184 every year in the UK alone .

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Another high-impact action you can choose is switching to a clean electricity provider. On average, this can save 1.5 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per person per year.

不同的能源會釋放不同數量的溫室氣體。 煤炭是罪魁禍首,釋放每千瓦時820克(溫室氣體)。 下圖顯示了每種能源來源的溫室氣體排放量

Image of 地球寶寶為我們展示綠色又安全的能源來源


核能不僅具有最低的排放量,為每千瓦時3 g二氧化碳 ,他還具有最低的死亡率,每億瓦時有0.07例死亡。 每億瓦時的死亡人數比煤炭少351倍。 如果我們要過渡到零碳社會,那麼其他安全,清潔的能源(例如太陽能和風能)也將很重要。 查看「能源」課程以了解更多信息!



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The increase in demand for palm oil has resulted in extensive deforestation in countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia . This has led to a loss of biodiversity as land is converted from dense forests to palm oil plantations . Rainforests can store more carbon than palm oil plantations, and so the conversion of rainforest to palm oil plantations has resulted in a net increase of greenhouse gas emissions . If the original land was a peat swamp forest, converting it to palm oil plantations will cause 1550 tons of CO₂ to be released per hectare .

This is made worse when ‘slash and burn’ techniques are used to clear land by burning the forest. This intentional burning releases large amounts of CO₂ and nitrous oxide , and, in 2015, fires in Indonesia caused 1.62-1.75 billion tonnes of CO₂ emissions to be released.

However, palm oil is actually the most efficient type of oil we can use for many household products . Oil palm is highly productive, producing an average of 3.8 tonnes of oil per hectare . Other temperate oil crops produce only about 0.3-1.2 tonnes per hectare .

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我們應該只購買經過認證的可持續棕櫚油; 也就是在可持續生產方面已經獲得認可的棕櫚油。 這就是所謂的「用你的錢包投票」,你可以在其中支持那些承諾使用可持續棕櫚油的公司,並確保他們遵守承諾

當前棕櫚油的領先認證是可持續棕櫚油圓桌會議(RSPO); 全球20%的棕櫚油生產由該組織認證。 已發現RSPO認證可減少30%的森林砍伐,因此,在你當地的超市購買商品時,找到此徽標是件好事!

Image of Earthly approves of the RSPO logo

Earthly approves of the RSPO logo

但是,RSPO也因為無法達到其可持續性目標而受到批評,例如保護猩猩 和減少火災的熱點地區


電子辣雞是對環境有巨大的威脅。 在過去的幾年中,個人電子產品的擁有量顯著增加。 例如,在美國,擁有智能手機的人數在2011年至2019年期間增加了230%。 此外,隨著公司努力鼓勵我們升級到最新,最智能的技術,我們的設備使用壽命越來越短

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In 2017, 44.7 million tonnes of electronic waste was produced . Worryingly, only 20% of that waste was recycled .

When electronics are thrown into a landfill, toxic chemicals, such as lead, leak into the environment, polluting ecosystems, and harming human health .

What’s more, mining for the metals that are needed to manufacture the batteries for these devices results in greenhouse gas emission of 11.73 kg CO₂eq per kg of metal extracted .



  • 少購買 —不要被廣告吸引! 你不需要每年都買一個新手機
  • 盡可能回收舊的電子產品
  • 維修損壞的設備
  • 購買二手的電子設備
  • 購買環保的電子產品。 可能的認證包括能源之星或電子產品環境評估工具(EPEAT)。
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