Does Personal Action Matter?

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Updated on: 17th May 2020

Does personal action matter?

The sad news is that in a world of 7.8 billion people, cutting your personal emissions won’t have any impact on the climate . But that doesn’t mean that you as an individual are helpless.

To have a significant impact, we will need technological innovation and strong environmental policies .

Why should we make personal changes?

There are three main reasons our personal changes still matter:

  1. Our actions cause a ripple effect: if we change our lifestyle, others are likely to follow
  2. People will take you more seriously as an environmentalist if you practice what you preach
  3. If we only buy sustainable products, companies are incentivised to adopt more environmentally sustainable practices to meet your demand . This is called voting with your wallets
Image of Benefits of Personal Action

Benefits of Personal Action

Vote if you can!

Image of Voting can also help!

Voting can also help!

As well as voting with our wallets, we can also vote with our … votes! By voting for politicians that support emissions-reducing policies, such as carbon taxation and tighter environmental regulations, we can hope to see governments taking action against the climate crisis .


Personal action still has a role to play in reducing carbon emissions, but is not enough alone .

Image of Personal Actions

Personal Actions

People in developed countries can and should reduce their overall consumption . But, humanity as a whole will need to shift consumption to sustainable products. This means eating low-emission diets, taking low-emission transport, etc.

Image of Reduce and shift consumption

Reduce and shift consumption

Another great way to help solve climate change is to choose high-impact careers that work to find solutions to our current sustainability problems, or raise awareness in others.

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