Final Quiz

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Updated on Thu Jun 03 2021

What do scientists consider to be a safe temperature limit to avoid crossing tipping points? And how much global warming has already occured?

If there is no change or addition to current climate policy how much is the average global temperature expected to rise above pre-industrial levels by 2100?

What percentage of countries have not made good enough emission-reduction promises to achieve the Paris Agreement 2°C limit?

Which one of these regions will get drier due to climate change rather than wetter?

What does NOT cause sea level rise?

By how much are sea levels expected to rise by 2100 if no change happens to current climate policy (approximately)?

What do we mean when we say we’ve crossed a tipping point?

Why does the melting of ice sheets cause more melting of ice sheets? I.e. Why is there ‘positive feedback’?

If we limit global warming to 1.5°C what will happen to sea levels?

If we stopped emitting CO₂ today and CO₂ levels in the atmosphere remained at today’s levels, how long would sea levels continue to rise for?

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