Final Quiz

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Updated on Fri Jul 02 2021

What is a negative environmental impact of the steel and iron industry?

Most CO₂ emissions in steel production come from using coke to reduce iron ore into molten iron. What could we use instead?

Which strategy has the potential to most significantly reduce CO₂ emissions from cement manufacture?

According to the Paris Agreement, emissions in concrete production need to be cut by 2050 in order to keep global temperature increases below 2°C. Does the current trajectory of the industry meet this goal?

Which of the following is NOT true for polyester?

Aside from switching to clean energy, which of the following is the most effective method for reducing emissions in the textiles industry?

In how many ways can we do Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)?

How does preCCC work?

PostCCC can remove about 90% of the CO₂ contained in the flue gases after natural gas or coal are burnt:

How many types of absorption are there in postCCC?

How does oxy-fuel combustion work and why is it good for mitigating CO₂ emissions?

The amount of CO₂ used for creating new materials is bigger than the amount of emissions industries produce:

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