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Updated on Sat May 29 2021

Most people emit greenhouse gases in some form or another. However, these emissions are not distributed evenly among our population. In 2016 what percentage of global emissions are the richest 1.2 billion individuals (16% of the population) responsible for?

If nothing is done to address climate change, temperatures are expected to rise by 4℃ by 2100. This would cause untold damage to our planet as well as our economy. By how much would global GDP fall if we reached 4℃ of warming?

Carbon pricing attempts to put a price on carbon dioxide emissions to incentivize companies to reduce their emissions by making them more expensive. What percentage of global emissions are covered by carbon pricing schemes?

Carbon pricing schemes put a price on CO₂ emissions that aim to lower national carbon emissions whilst also providing money for governments to support renewable energy and low-income households. In 2019 how much tax revenue was generated by global carbon taxes?

Most carbon pricing schemes put the price of one tonne of emitted carbon dioxide at around US$10. This is far short of the level needed to drive transformational change as it is not enough of an incentive to put pressure on companies to commit to reducing their emissions. By 2030, what price should we be putting on 1 tonne of emitted CO₂?

Carbon taxes are a tax on CO₂ emissions that aim to lower national carbon emissions.
What are some of the benefits that can come from a revenue-neutral carbon tax? Select all that apply.

The gross domestic product(GDP) of a nation is the sum of all goods and services produced within a country during a certain period of time. What are some of the disadvantages of using GDP to measure a nation's wellbeing?

As an alternative to taxing how much carbon is emitted by a company/individual, countries could set a limit on how much CO₂ can be emitted over a given period of time. What is this type of policy called?

The main form of capitalism that we’ve seen since the 1980s has been neoliberal capitalism. It was particularly popular and promoted by Ronald Reagan (President of the USA 1981-1989) and Margaret Thatcher (Prime minister of the UK 1979-1990).
Which of the following are some aspects of neoliberal capitalism?

Many people invest for the sole purpose of growing their investment and getting more money without thinking of the impacts of these investments on society. However, some types of investment allow you to grow your initial value while creating a positive impact at the same time. What is this type of investment called?

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