Final Quiz

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Updated on Wed Oct 13 2021

Humans release greenhouse gases throughout a wide variety of activities. What is the main cause of greenhouse gas emissions?

Mitigation and Adaptation are very different things. Which of the following falls into the category of adaptation? Select all that apply.

The energy sector accounts for 76% of global greenhouse gas emissions. If energy is such a problem why don’t we just use less of it?

If we were to build batteries to store the amount of energy the world uses in one day it would cost around 70 trillion $US. What is the only storage option which is cheap enough to use right now?

Adaptation is any action that allows us to continue to meet our basic needs (food, water, health, shelter) by adjusting to climatic changes. What does mitigation mean?

What is the best way for an individual to make a big impact in slowing down climate change?

Human society has a tendency to extract, use and dispose. Due to this, around 3.2% of global emissions are a direct result of our waste. What should you do before even thinking of recycling? Select all that apply.

If agriculture was made more sustainable, food could be produced on the same land indefinitely, without using up resources. One sustainable method of farming is called agroforestry. What does that mean?

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